manufactured thin stone

Manufactured Thin Stone

From the smallest do it yourself project to the largest commercial installation, manufactured thin stone can provide a natural look at a much lower cost. Now, commercial buildings and homes with old brick and vinyl siding can get a facelift for the "million-dollar-look" for a fraction of the price!




Light in weight, which is faster and quicker to install - allowing mason contractors to install more square footage


Whether the installation is a new structure or part of a remodeling project, our thin cut natural stone is the ideal material when weight or space limitations are a problem. Because it requires no footings and has a thin profile, it is an excellent facing for unitized zero-clearance fireplaces. It is installed in the same way as manufactured stone, yet it gives the look of real stone because it is real stone!! In most cases, it costs less than manufactured stone products.


It's all about curb appeal. Besides landscaping, the use of natural materials is one of the most desirable features of the exterior of the home. Mother nature created it. Halquist Stone perfected it. Thinstone™ is comparable in weight, price and installation to artificial "cultured" stone. With that being said, Halquist Stone is natural choice for your next project.

Choose your application – Our exquisite stone can enhance almost any surface, from exteriors, chimneys, walls and pool surrounds to kitchens, fireplaces, archways and wine cellars. Our one-of-a-kind materials are simple to work with and can accommodate curves and corners. Take a good look around your home and chances are, you'll find lots of areas that can be improved with pure stone.

Pick the perfect type of stone – Do you like traditional, country or contemporary? Whatever your taste, there's a stone for you. Our enormous selection can capture any look you desire, whether it's a classic farmhouse in field stone or a chic ledge stone chalet. Our guide to colors and shapes showcases our entire collection.

Select a color palette – Warm browns, rich plums, crisp greys. With so many shades available, you'll be sure to find the one that reflects your personal style. Choosing the right color requires lots of thought, so take your time, ask to see samples and pick the best hue to accent your lifestyle.

Dry stack vs. mortar – Our thin stone can be installed dry stack, which means that the blocks aren't pointed with mortar or grout to fill in the gaps. The finished appearance is simple and natural. You can also choose to use mortar – grout that is added between pieces of stone to give an aesthetic finishing touch to your project. Mortar comes in many colors and can be applied using techniques to achieve a range of looks, from rustic to European. Mortar or dry stack can make a
dramatic difference – ask us to learn more.